The Arctic Circle residency, Norvège, Octobre 2021

Artist and scientist led, The Arctic Circle is an annual expeditionary residency program.

Established in 2009, The Arctic Circle brings together international artists of all disciplines, scientists, architects, and educators who collectively explore the high-Arctic Svalbard Archipelago and Arctic Ocean aboard a specially outfitted Barquentine sailing vessel.

The Arctic Circle program supports the creation and exhibition of new and pioneering work, and aims to empower the creative individual while fostering the collaborative.

The Arctic Circle provides a shared experience for its participants to engage in the myriad issues relevant to our time and to develop professionally through fieldwork and research, interdisciplinary collaborations, exhibit opportunities, and public and classroom engagement.


NSERC CREAT Program / Leadership in Environmental and Digital innovation for Sustainability (Leads), 2021

Concordia University, UQAM, Université de Montréal, Future Earth

The program seeks out graduate-level students interested in developing the skills, knowledge & experience in sustainability science and digital innovation to accelerate transformations to a more sustainable & equitable global society.


The Plumb Gallery, Toronto, On, 2021

photo credit Mike Patten

Commissaire Laura Demers


Olivia Boudreau

Laurence Pilon

Meech Boakye

Alex Borkowski

Celia Perrin Sidarous

Dimo Ivanov & Sonya Stoeva

Izzy Mink

SHELL LIKE Collective (tentative)


Lumina, Galerie Stewart Hall, Pont Claire, Qc 2019

Commissaires Émilie Granjon and Laurent Lamarche

The Stewart Hall Art Gallery is happy to present LUMINA, an exhibition that presents the artworks of seven artists and that explores light from a perspective of sensory and cognitive destabilization.

LUMINA is a tribure to light, honoured not for what it enables us to do, but for what it is: a form of energy made up of corpuscles – which give it the status of a substance or body – and waves, through which it is propagated.  Its irradiating potential is precisely what is identified and emphasized as the heart of the matter.  The spreading of radiance implies a trajectory: light travels in a straight line, its photons moving through the narrowest slits until they encounter a screen.  Depending on its properties, the screen will either absorb the light, let it through, reflect it, or diffract it.  

Magalie Comeau, the IvanovStoeva artist duo, Lisette Lemieux, Martin Messier, James Nizam, Josée Pellerin, and Étienne Rey all share a fascination with light.  Beams shoot up, brightness intensifies, rays are diffracted: these are some of the strategies used by the artist to reveal light in its most compelling and destabilizing aspects.  Light is energy that eludes our senses, triggering a perceptual and cognitive hesitation  – a gap between what the eye percieves and what the brain records, then recognizes.  And then, in a flash, what we have is simply…. magic.